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Developer: 3DRealms
Released: 1996


Alien Planet X64-2

Author: Maarten v. Oostrum Released: May 1st 2003

Duke Hard

Author: Various Mappers Released: June 22nd 2014

Duke Nukem Forever 2013

Author: Luciano "Gambini" Gallo & Mikko Sandt Released: April 29th 2013


Author: Alejandro "HeXTra" Pastor Released: October 27th 2012


Author: Duke64Nukem Released: August 21st 2014

Insurance Overload

Author: Alias Conrad Coldwood Released: September 5th 2014

Naked Dash

Author: Mister Sinister Released: September 24th 2017

Post Logic

Author: Bryant Arnett Released: January 16th 1997

Red Sun

Author: Eckard Gehm Released: 6th October 1997

Shaky Grounds pt1: Apocollapse

Author: Merlijn van Oostrum Released: September 9th 2016

Shaky Grounds pt2: Tragedy

Author: Merlijn v. Oostrum Released: October 26th 2017


Author: Mister Sinister Released: August 16th 2013


Author: Maarten van Oostrum Released: July 15th 2017

The Root

Author: J. "CruX" Whitworth Released: June 21st 2016

The Unknown Planet

Author: Maarten v. Oostrum Released: January 1st 2016