C9 City Part 1

The map is seriously hard. A lot of challenging moments. Theres a lot of explosions too, so if you get in the way you’re in trouble. Theres not a lot of ammo in the map, which can be good sometimes, since having too much removes the challenge. Theres plenty of health and the bank has a lot of fountain water, so you can regain your health in no time. The map can get a bit boring after sometime figuring out what to do next though. Enemy balance is good, maybe a bit too many in one room at times, and placed well. Weapons and ammo are spread out nicely.

Design is average, with a lot of misaligned textures and basic design in some areas. Doors are very overscale, and some doors can kill you. Texture choice can be bad in a lot of areas, but some are good, although not used very well. The first few areas of the map looked good, then it gets a lot more basic after that. There can be a lack of shading is some areas, the first few areas had them, but the next few started to lack it.

Overall Conclusion
Good map although it can get boring if you don’t know what to do next, average design although a lot of misaligned textures.

Author: Tony Crowder
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 67%
Download: Here

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