Red Rock

Enemy, ammo and health amounts are very balanced in this map with some challenging and tricky fights but very possible making the map remain fun. The map also has some interesting tricks such as the broken tank and electricity water. The way the player must travel through the map has also been done well as the player must use obstacles to gain access to other areas, I especially liked this when you had to go up the crane. I did however get annoyed by the blocked wall everywhere but the map does remain interesting through out.

A very interesting concept with a very risky colour choice for the rocks but the author has made it to look very good and blend well with the rest of the map without looking wierd. The structure of the map is very interesting in a lot of places with some great spritework and texturing. The crane and bridge were very nice innovations to the map each constructed with care and look very good. Other details such as paper on the floor, other spritework and the destroyed buildings add to the map a lot and looks very good, also making the feeling like the place was attacked and overtaken. Texture choices throughout are great and don’t clash with the map too much except a few textures that have a palette colour to them, but other than that, the textures are aligned well and I didn’t notice any misalignments. Shading is very good and very realistic, especially on the rocks themselves. At first I thought the map had dynamic lighting because it was very well done.

Overall Conclusion
A great map with very balanced gameplay and great design.

Author: Markus “Suppressor” Schopf
Rating: 95%
Download: Here

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