Urban Chaos

A very simple keycard hunt to get to the exit while searching throughout many buildings in a small city area. A sparse amount of enemies throughout that map that hardly pose much of a threat and could have been far more to add in more exciting fights on the streets and in the buildings, although they were all individually placed well. Plenty of ammo and health around the level, ending with a few bits of it left.

Structure of the map is fairly above average, nothing too major but still quite nice as the texturing and lighting really help achieve a good 3D feel to the map. Good texture choices through out all of which are aligned and used well with a few interesting uses. Some excellent lighting in this one, each wall given a certain level of shade to give that 3D look and a few smooth gradiant shades that looks quite good.

Overall Conclusion
A well designed map with solid, yet too easy, gameplay.

Author: Vedran Jelenic
Rating: 75%
Download: Here

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