City Terror Gold


A deathmatch mod that is seriously fun to play. In this, there are civilians, cops that shoot you, and a lot of obstacles, and all of it can be destroyed or damaged. Th only annoying thing about the civilians is that the screaming does tend to get annoying. But the cities look very nicely done. Theres only 3 weapons in the mod, but thats all you need, its perfect for deathmatch since I have tested it with Fakir and MetHunter sometime ago. Gameplay in this mod is great. Open streets for combat, roofs to sniper, cars to hide and take cover, and a few areas for those little campers. My matches with Fakir and MetHunter were really fun in this mod, and we may be playing it again sometime. Items have been placed good, except a few, I have found a shotgun next to a buiding and on that is an M16. But most weapons have been placed good with ammo next to them. The mod don’t have monsters in it, but they do have cops and civilians. As I mentioned, the civilians do get very annoying after sometime.


Every texture in this deathmatch mod looks and feels perfect for the level. They have been used well, and match the levels theme. I have found a few misaligned textures here and there, but that won’t put you off deathmatching. Sprites in each level are used nicely, such as trees and lamps. The choice of tree sprites work well with the level theme, such as pine tree’s for a very sunny level, or christmas tree on the snowing levels.

Overall Conclusion

One of the good deathmatch mods that will leave you deathmatching for some time. You should try this out as soon as you can.

Author: Rob “Highwire” Wijkstra
Type: Multiplayer
Rating: 87%
Download: Here