JonoF’s Port Community Build Project 2

Here’s another community build project that takes on the task to create a space themed level while keeping to the original feeling and design from Lunar Apocalypse in the original Duke3D.

The map plays out pretty much like the original space themed levels in Duke3D throughout in the aspects of button pushing, key card hunting and fighting off enemies. Nothing too difficult to approach in this as it keeps a standard gameplay goal in mind. Much like Lunar Apocalypse, you’ll be facing the same variety of enemies which usually fit very well with the theme, while balanced out to keep the level enjoyable. Plenty of supplies as well as enough action to keep the player occupied even after clearing out a particular area. The button and key card hunting is very simple to conquer, but perhaps some of these could have been better if these were spread out a little more.

Keeping within the goals to create a map based off Lunar Apocalypse, this one does a pretty good job in this area. Each part consistently fits together while having the mappers own style still showing. Structure is simple but works well with the intended theme and texturing replicates very well in terms of how they were used in a simplistic manner. Even the lighting throughout the level fits within the goals, which is also noticable outside, using a sharp contrast between light and dark very much like those found in the original maps.

Considering the goal, the authors meet their target well in this level keeping the standard Duke3D gameplay and design throughout the map, which remains enjoyable and designed fairly well.

Overall Rating: 75%
Authors: Duke3D Community
Download: Here