Lunar Base DQN1925


Very easy gameplay without too much of a challenge. Each area has a small amount of enemies with the right amount if ammo and health. The map has a lot of switch pressing with no respawning enemies which leaves the map quite empty. The map is still enjoyable but no challenge is made for the player.


Reminds me of a mix of DooM and E2L1. Some clean design with enough details in each area, some good texturing except a few choices here and there. Spritework is simple but also made well. Each room is a good size for fighting in as well. I did find one or two larger areas a bit too empty though.

Overall Conclusion

Another good release from SuperTanker with clean design but far too easy gameplay.

Author: Supertanker
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 75%
Download: Here

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