ADG Episode

A five level episode from Alejandro Glavic, owner of AMC and other great levels.

This episode is basically mission based where you do objectives in a clean, solid way, much like his other user maps. A good ammo and health balance with a lot of action throughout with some very exciting sections and tension. Boss fights are planned out in good sized areas except the last map which can be very tricky.

Design is top notch. Most of the levels are dark and gloomy with the texture choices being good ones with a gloomy sort of feel to them. The first two levels aren’t as good as the later three design wise. There is a lot of spritework and trimming which has all been done well and clean looking. Lighting and shading is also good, an example is the wall lights in level two as they looks very realistic.

Overall Conclusion
Top notch designed, mission based episode with a lot of action.

Author: Alejandro Glavic
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 90%
Download: Here

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