The Lost Highway


It’s been a long time since I played a decent oldie, and this is one of the greatest oldies I’ve played so far. Thanks to Nansci for finding the site with this episode on it, I played through it and fell in love with it. Gameplay is a simple keycard hunt and button pressing, although it’s fun to play through this episode. Each level offers something fun to play through, I especially liked level two’s start. Enemy balance is fair, ammo is okay, though sometimes sparse, and there’s a lack in health. Theres a lot of bugs in this episode from, underwater bugs, dissapearing doors, and some doors won’t open or switches won’t get switched, so I had to use Noclip a lot. I recommend you save alot.


Really good design for an oldie. A lot of places look realistic. Nearly every veichle looks really realistic, better than the cars in Roch series. The texture choices are well chosen, although most canyon rocks are flat. Everything is layed out good, except for one level, in the car wash, the blue washer is in the way of the door, so you have to noclip in.

Overall Conclusion

Great oldie, has a good fun gameplay, sparse ammo and health here and there, great design for an oldie.

Author: Petr and Lukas
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 85%
Download: Here

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