City Suicide


Remains fun throughout. The map isn’t very action packed, but it has enough fights to last throughout the map. Plenty of ammo around although a bit too much shotgun ammo, enough health to survive. The map starts to get tricky torwards the desert areas. The boss fights are easy to get passed in this map although the last two mini bosses are in a tight area. The keycards are too easy to get in this map too, there could of been respawns at least.


Design is above average and gets better throughout the level. The start lacks some shading, but it gets better as you progress through the map and it gets very good. The canyon textures could of been a bit bigger since it looks very repeatative when small. About the textures, they have been chosen very well and suit the enviroment.

Overall Conclusion

A good short map, with a fun and not too challenging gameplay.

Author: David Sonnier
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 82%
Download: Here