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Remix is very actions packed with plenty of ammo and health to keep you going. The main indoor area is very challenging, so using your surroundings for cover is a wise choice. Theres a lot of shotgun ammo around which is good due to the map’s skill. Boss fight is very challenging but is a good one too since you can use your surrounds for cover. Map also has some nice ideas and effects in it too.


Very top notice design with very good trimming and texture choices. Map also has some good structure throughout too. Usage of pure black is overused, especially for the ceilings of some rooms but overall design is done very well. Enemy placements have been thought well and ammo locations are also good. Some keycards aren’t very well hidden though.

Overall Conclusion

A good map worth playing if you haven’t.

Author: Kevin Cools and Geoffrey Van Dijk
Rating: 86%
Download: Here

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