Doom City

Simply a keycard hunt while fighting off several enemies throughout the city. Nothing difficult or complicated here where the flow keeps consistent with plenty of ammo and health supplies around for you to grab. Nothing too special happens, very few explosions, a subway, basically a typical city map that remains enjoyable while short.

Although there isn’t a large usage of sprites and palette changes, the design keeps pretty consistent and solid throughout. Structually there isn’t anything too complicated and made in a simple manner while looking good, with some decent lighting and shading to give the locations dimensions. Both interior and exterior areas are made well without cramming in useless details and some great usage of texturing throughout. Lighting and shading is a strong point, not only because it adds to the structure but because it has a form of realism in certain areas, especially as you come out from the starting area.

Short, enjoyable city level with great design throughout that keeps consistent.

Overall Rating: 85%

Type: Singleplayer
Author: Pipeline
Download: Here

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