DukeMeal Restaurant


Action packed and fair with plenty of enemies to fight against. Different types of enemies are used in certain locations to vary the gameplay which is good. There is also a lot of ammo around for the player as well as plenty of health. The map is a simple keycard hunt with some respawning enemies after picking up a certain card which keeps the action going. The map is long enough and enjoyable all the way through without getting tiresome in any way.


Very classic looking and really reminds me of E4L2 and E3L1. Design is above average with some very good structures and great texturing and interesting picks for the police station. However many interiors were a bit tight and cramped, but other areas were a good size for the bigger fights. Each area has a good amount of detail and objects without looking too empty or full. Shading was also good and very classic looking as well.

Overall Conclusion

Action packed map without being too hard and a good classic looking design.

Author: Thomas “KiD” W
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 85%
Download: Here

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