Antarctica: Outpost #31

A straight forward key hunting map. Enemies are placed well and theres a good balance of them around. Some fights with tanks can be challenging but possible. Theres plenty of ammo and health to keep you going, some are placed in good locations. Keycards have been hidden well, the red one being surrounded by enemies. The atmosphere of the level is made well too, and the sound works prefectly with the map.

Above average, with some very well made mines and rail way track, and a good looking helicopter. Textures choice is good and aligned well, and sky fits the map although could of been slightly more darker. Shading has been done well in most areas and the level doesn’t look flat at all, especially outside. The map has some very nice ideas with design in the map too, such as the fenced area that needs a blue keycard.

Overall Conclusion
Very well made map for a first release.

Author: Stéphane “Stef” Méganck
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 72%
Download: Here

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