Shock System


The map is a keycard hunt, but its not very easy since there are lots of areas to explore to get them. There’s a good enemy balance and a good amount of weaponary and health except the fights with battlelords, they can be tight. Map also has a lot of traps, some are nice ideas as well. A lot of sloped roofs are a deathtrap in this map, sometimes instant death. Map can also be a bit too complicated.


Texture choices are good, but not very well used and not very well aligned. Textures could of used some editing too, to fix them up and make them look a lot more smoother. The map’s structure is basically a lot of squares and sloped floors and ceillings, most that can instantly kill. The ceilings are mostly at a head height. Hardly any shadows or lighting in this map, but some rooms are quite dark which still adds to atmosphere.

Overall Conclusion

A nice map with simple design and a lot of slope bugs with a good balance of weapons, ammo, health and enemies.

Author: Andre Frey
Rating: 65%
Download: Here