An episode with 7 new levels and new art.


The episode is rather easy in most areas, with a few tough boss fights but the episode is simple to get through. A lot of keycard and button hunting too. Theres plenty of ammo and lacks health a lot. Theres a good amount of monsters but could or used more and more respawns.


Very top notch and my favorite style of maps. This episode reminded me of C3PO’s work in a lot of places. Shading is done very well and enemy, ammo and health placements are really good. The castle levels must be the best castle design I’ve seen in a duke map yet.

Overall Conclusion

Awesome episode with fantastic design, but lacks health and could of used more monsters.

Author: Gabriele R. Giaminardi (saarek)
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 90%
Download: Here

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