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Avanipaala Praasaada

Author: Alexander W. Dennis Released: October 13th 2001

Bastion of the Underworld

Author: Ben 'Kinn' Wooding Released: May 20th 2004

Day of the Lords

Author: Howard "GlassMan" Shaw Released: October 19th 2003

House of Spikes

Author: Biff Debris Released: July 23rd 2001

Moldy Tower

Author: necros Released: July 1st 2009

Penile Devastation

Author: Robert P. Gove Jr Released: July 29th 2001

Ruined Nation

Author: Paul 'distrans' Brosche Released: May 19th 2008

The Middle Evil

Author: Jean-Marc Gruninger Released: November 3rd 1997

The Slaughterhouse

Author: Neil Manke Released: May 5th 1997

Travail – A Quake Journey

Author: aguirRe, Asaki, distrans, negke, Preach & Scragbait Released: July 9th 2007