The Hand of Glory

Author: DarkThief
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There has been some rumours of a maginicant, unique artifact is in town. Gynni, a friend of Cutty, has found out that Lord Gibson is the current owner of this object, The Hand of Glory. He lives near the Hammerite Temple, but his place is well guarded and no other side entrance available. Gynni has kept his ears open and has found out their is a cave below both the estate and the Hammerite Temple. You’ll need to locate this cave inside the temple and see if it connects to the manor, and while you’re at it, steal some loot along the way.

To get off from a blunt start, The Hand of Glory has a very simple goal to achieve and flows in such a way. What is presented is a typical, classic Thief experience and does a solid job at it. The mission is split into two areas. The first involves you to explore the Hammerite Temple to find the entrance to the caves, amongst a few other objectives. Of course, you’ll want to be picking up some loot along the way. The second area is shorter, taking place in Lord Gibson’s manor. Nothing too difficult to be had here, but in a few tight spots, it can get tense. Plenty of shadows and routes for you to pick from and enjoyable to play.

The Hammerite Temple uses the standard scheme of blue bricks and stain glassed windows throughout. The main church and library sections stand out in the location, although the design isn’t complex, everything looks good for it’s simple approach in style. The mission has just the right amount of details that feels right, which creates a essence from the original missions. The manor toward the end of the mission does a good job at looking different from the Hammerite Temple, while consistently sticking to the simple style used prior.

Solid mission, looks and plays like an enjoyable classic Thief experience.

Overall Rating

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