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Duke Hard

DUKE HARD is a fantastic community effort offering seventeen levels of varying qualities and styles, each worth playing through at least once. Personal favourites include; CONSTRUCTION DESTRUCTION, ABSTRATECH, SHOWCASE and LEGAL JOINT.

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Duke Nukem Forever 2013

Author: Luciano "Gambini" Gallo & Mikko Sandt | Released: April 29th 2013

Does an excellent job concerning the design aspects, presenting impressive visuals through detailed levels, sprawling vistas and grand structures such as the Las Vegas cityscape and Hoover Dam, but does require much needed polishing to remove the blemishes across each map. Gameplay on the other hand has its high and low points with weak combat and some odd pacing. The focus on linear progression may also turn off some players. Still an enjoyable mod worth checking out for some eye candy.



Author: Alejandro "HeXTra" Pastor | Released: October 27th 2012

While a majority of keycard hunting feel like needless padding toward progression, ESBN6 is no doubt an enjoyable level with straightforward gameplay, beginning on an interesting and refreshing note.


Post Logic

Author: Bryant Arnett | Released: January 16th 1997

Despite its age, PL approaches a real world location with tack unlike some oldies around its period, but still lacks polish and feels visually sporadic at times. The level is otherwise a small, decent enough romp offering simple combat and an occasional enemy hiding in dark corners.


Shaky Grounds pt1: Apocollapse

Author: Merlijn van Oostrum | Released: September 9th 2016

APOCOLLASPE is the first within a series of levels taking full advantage of its thematic choice, from its stunning opening sequence and georgous representation of city destruction, down to the very layout having players navigate its winding streets and buildings through unnatural means while avoiding the ever present dangers lurking ahead. Merlijn offers a fantastic twist to the rather typical city theme, soaked with an ambience of despair and includes an excellent original music track that feels at home.



Author: Mister Sinister | Released: August 16th 2013

Combat is relentless and action is constant, fighting against a large force of aliens across a city district. Difficulty is generally high with varied encounters, but can also be a frustrating or tiresome experience for some players.