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Altar of Evil

Author: Dutch Devil | Released: July 7th 2005

Even now the level is still an enjoyable experience with a nice set of challenges thrown at you. Design remains as good as I remember it to be and has a good use of colour.


Austerity – A Simplicity Tribute v2.0

Author: Daniel “Tormentor667? Gimmer | Released: December 24th 2006

Three challenging and balanced maps with top notch design in each.


Crimson Canyon

Author: J S Graham | Released: March 21st 2005

An action packed journey which offers enough variety per level to remain interesting, from tight environments to sprawling terrain with hordes of hungry demons and plenty of supplies. Visuals are solid all round which tend to experiment with different styles of the same themes and texture choices.


Crossing Acheron

Author: John "Dr. Sleep" Anderson | Released: June 10th 1994

The action as a whole has its intense moments ranging from certain combat scenarios or an ambush trap catching me off guard. The potentially high threats helps to create a thrilling experience, sprinkled off with a moody design.


Going Down

Author: mouldy | Released: November 2nd 2014

GOING DOWN is an excellent megawad and has become an all time favourite release. Themes, visuals and gameplay elements are diverse across all 32 maps and comes with a distinctive soundtrack. High enemy counts wasn’t the only driving factor that made combat difficult, but mouldy’s own understanding how to pressure players and manipulate them into unwanted situations, which comes across as a signature style in my eyes.


Hell’s Twisted Influence

Author: Andrew "Ninja_of_DooM" Fernie | Released: January 10th 2005

Good map, which very well designed structure and good enemy balance.


Monster Hunter Ltd. Part 2

Author: Didy | Released: March 27th 2014

MOHU2 is a good continuation with a new theme, retaining great visuals and presenting tighter combat encounters. While it does lack some strengths its prequel offers for ambience and dynamic layouts, this wad is still an engaging sequel.


Scuba Steve’s: Action DooM

Author: Stephen "Scuba Steve" Browning | Released: July 3rd 2004

An entertaining wad with great design and fantastic, yet tricky and challenging gameplay – Very action packed.


Triple Challenge

Author: Surreily | Released: December 19th 2006

Decent design, and enjoyable gameplay in three unrelated maps.

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Author: Paul Schneider | Released: March 14th 2010

The focus on gameplay is based around exploration and tough battles, which may become tiresome after a while due to its length, but the variety of themes and styles help to keep things fresh. Unloved was a interesting experience and offered something a little different while keeping in mind what Doom is about.


What Lies Beneath The Titan-426

Author: Dutch Devil | Released: January 15th 2005

Another great Dutch Devil title you should check out. Very good design and challenging gameplay.


XXXI CyberSky

Author: Alexander "Eternal" S. | Released: September 3rd 2008

It’s simply a huge level with a large enemy count, with a mix of challenging and tiresome hordes to battle your way through with a neat looking, detailed and varied hellish themed design.