What Lies Beneath The Titan-426

Author: Dutch Devil Released: January 15th 2005


A very action packed wad with a lot of enemies and large fights throughout. The battles are quite challenging and sometimes hard, yet very possible. Fights are usually large hordes or respawning enemies into the area. The map can sometimes lack health when you most need it due to the heavy amount of enemies, yet it adds a challenge to the level to watch out for incoming enemies or projectiles more. Ammp can sometimes be sparse for a few weapons, but there is plenty around to survive if you don’t waste it. As you progress through the map, it becomes a lot more exciting as you get into harder fights and interesting locations.


Just like Dutch Devil’s other maps, this level has been made with top notch design and very well chosen textures aligned very well. The map also has a very dark, gloomy feel and atmosphere to it, which is perfect for the gothic theme of the map. The lighting has been done very well and doesn’t ruin the feel of the map by being too bright and stays realistic throughout. The map also consists with very large locations which are designed very well which doesn’t make the place feel empty and some rooms use curves which works better for the design since it’s different from boxy design everywhere.

Overall Conclusion

Another great Dutch Devil title you should check out. Very good design and challenging gameplay.

Author: Dutch Devil
Port: ZDoom
Rating: 87%
Download: Here

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