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Developer: Sven Co-op Team
Released: 1999
This is a modification which requires Half-Life to work. You can find more information and downloads over at their official site, here:



Two solid levels, each one focuses on a seperate and well designed theme along with a different style of gameplay offering action packed gun fights and puzzles involving teamwork.


Endless Rain 2

Gameplay Gameplay in this sven coop map is good, but tricky. The soldiers in this map will kill you often and you have to start from the very begining which does get very fustrating. Even though the enemies were tough, there was still too few of them. Another problem with the map is that it […]


Ice Storm X

Gameplay Very action packed, with enough hgrunts and aliens to last without there being too many with too much health. Theres plenty of ammo given at the start of the map. Map has some boss fights with robot grunts without the health being too high which is good. Very spacious rooms for a lot of […]


KscT Remake

Gameplay Very action packed with a lot of enemies and a big viarity and ammount between areas. Theres also huge battles with a lot of enemies as some guitar music plays in the background which works very well and suit the time it plays. Sometimes the fights can get tiresome when you die a lot […]


Kyper Kuutio

Three enjoyable levels which contain a fair balance between simple puzzles with the cube, fast paced action and engaging teamwork while a chaotic, unsettling atmosphere is created by the use of a fitting industrial soundtrack.


Mystic Radar

Short horror level that manages to achieve a chilling and creepy atmosphere in a cooperative level by good use of visuals, sound and vulnerable gameplay.

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Resident Evil : Covert Operations

Introduction Mrfanswa made a very inspiring Resident Evil map for Sven Coop with a lot of cutscenes, puzzles and objectives throughout the level. The levels includes new textures, weapons, music, sounds and enemies each sticking to the Resident Evil theme.Anyone who is a Resident Evil fan, I recommend you to play it.



Remains humorous while retaining the colourful visual style throughout with a good balance between puzzles and action.


Source of Life

Brings forth another creepy and surrealistic experience, while not offering too much in the way of teamwork or puzzles, it does approach it’s theme well.


Star Wars Installation

Gameplay Star Wars Installaton has a great but yet challenging gameplay. The first map is trying to get to the end with little ammount of enemies here and there, but still challenging. The second map uses lots of jump puzzles and teamwork puzzles, making this an easy level. The third is the hardest since there […]


Starship Troopers

Gameplay Gameplay in this map is straight forward. You start in your base in the middle of the map and bugs spawn outside of the map, and all you have to do is kill as much as you can trying to survive. You can use the turrets, open the doors and use the sniper rifle. […]



Gameplay This series has a lot of fun and challenge in it. Theres are many puzzles and lots of combat which is very challenging. There are different colour blocks and certain ones do different things, adding to the gameplay. Theres always a new challenge in the next map as you progress and plenty of teamwork […]



Gameplay Zombie horde map, but a good one. The zombies are tough, but still fun to fight against, basically one or two hits and you die. The main weapon is a shotgun, the double blast upclose deals with them. Theres other areas in the map, like sewers etc, but most of them lead to dead […]



It’s a surreal and atmospheric visual experience where exploration is the main focus in order to locate several objects and awake from the dream. No puzzles and combat allows players to take things at their own pace, while the level itself can be the biggest threat due to the disorientating layout.