Star Wars Installation


Star Wars Installaton has a great but yet challenging gameplay. The first map is trying to get to the end with little ammount of enemies here and there, but still challenging. The second map uses lots of jump puzzles and teamwork puzzles, making this an easy level. The third is the hardest since there are a lot of enemies and lots of stratedy needed. I played this with Shane (My friend from school), and we had a great time. We had a lot of trouble in the last level. The annoying parts of the series is, when you die, you start from the very begining. and this gets most annoying in the second level.


Design is very top-notch and I never lagged. The textures make the design a lot better and the whole series has been well put together. Everything looks like a star wars game and reminded me of Jedi Knight a lot. Lighting is done well, and doesn’t over use colours. Buttons weren’t very easiliy noticable, but you will know they are there.

Overall Conclusion

A great map pack that will leave you asking for more. Challenging and fun.

Author: Dr.StrangeLove
Type: Co-Operative
Rating: 93%
Download: Here

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