Starship Troopers


Gameplay in this map is straight forward. You start in your base in the middle of the map and bugs spawn outside of the map, and all you have to do is kill as much as you can trying to survive. You can use the turrets, open the doors and use the sniper rifle. A good map for wasting a bit of time or have a few minutes of fun.


The design is okay, but quite basic. This cliffs were not made very well. The base could of been a bit more better with bugs being able to come in other ways.

Overall Conclusion

A nice map to play for five or so minutes, nothing much to offer. The level would be great as a walk through map. You start somewhere on the planet with your team trying to get back to base, surviving from the bugs. And when you get back to base you have to defend it for some time wiht bugs coming from underground, over the walls.

Author: Unknown
Type: Co-Operative
Rating: 52%
Download: Here

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