Endless Rain 2


Gameplay in this sven coop map is good, but tricky. The soldiers in this map will kill you often and you have to start from the very begining which does get very fustrating. Even though the enemies were tough, there was still too few of them. Another problem with the map is that it is seriously short, the ending is way too sudden and not very well thought about. The best thing I did find about this map was the storyline. Its not very original, but using the global warming story differently by choosing acid rain instead of sea level rising. The choice of converting the map to coop wasn’t a very good idea.


Design is very nice, clean and future looking. Texture choice is good, the lights add to the feel of it being the future. But the design did get a little repetative, and started to get boring.

Overall Conclusion

Good map, but not good for coop and way too short

Author: Fortune & Brian McClelland
Type: Co-Operative
Rating: 72%
Download: Here

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