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Developer: id Software
Released: 1992


10 New Ones

Author: Thomas Weiling | Released: October 15th 2011

Diverse mapset bursting with quality mapping, offering ten varied and detailed floors with engaging combat and surprises.


Batman vs Bane

Author: Team Raycast | Released: June 30th 2012

This project shows a good amount of care and attention to detail, while offering players ten varied, tough levels with strong level design and plenty of boss encounters against iconic villians.



Author: Thomas Weiling | Released: February 21st 2012

An excellent set of maps with strong mapping, varied layouts and good visual design across each level. While the gameplay offers many enemies, it does become too simple with little surprises.


HalloWolf (Demo)

Author: The Incredible Pete | Released: October 31st 2011

For a two level demo, it has perked my interest to see what becomes of this in the future. There is fun appeal for the visuals alone, solid and detailed mapping and some potentially tough combat.


Operation Eisenfaust: Origins

Author: Team Raycast | Released: November 7th 2012

Origins presents a great set of levels, offering strong mapping, detailed levels and a tough challenge. While many levels do feel padded out longer than necessary and the finale is weak, the experience as a whole is enjoyable and the new mechanics provide a tense spin on typical Wolf3D gameplay.



Author: Nembo | Released: April 25th 2011

The take on a World War I setting works out well, providing a variety of good looking level themes, from trenches to bunkers, woodlands and more. Offers a good amount of challenge and combat, while the new additions and tweaks to gameplay simply work well.