10 New Ones

Author: Thomas Weiling Released: October 15th 2011


10 News Ones is ten level mapset offering a variety of level themes and decent challenge. File includes a SDL executable. Windows 98 users can also find a working SDL mirror after the jump.


The title of this mapset might be on the unimaginative side, but don’t let that fool you into thinking otherwise, because 10 New Ones is definitely bursting with quality. This has been achieved through the variety of level themes, design and combat, where each floor is a diverse experience. From the beginning and onwards, there are many SS and Officers to keep a watch out for, along with several instances of patrolling and deaf enemies where players will keep guessing as to what might be around the next corner. Some situations remain similar across certain floors too, like keys being heavily guarded, usually with a large number of higher tier enemies. Mutants will then jump into the spotlight around the halfway point to makes matters tougher to deal with. They almost dominate the entirety of floors five and six, forcing a slower pace to navigate carefully to avoid being shot in the back.

Mapping is a very strong point with many varied layouts, providing a fresh experience each time you prepare for the next floor. The seventh level goes for some variation toward gameplay by having a tighter ammo count to enforce a strategic, resourceful approach to the fights here. The boss fight on the ninth floor is also structured a little different than usual, and if players manage to locate the secret level, they will find something a little surreal. Design for each level generally have distinctive themes, following these through with suitable texture combinations and choice of decoration. Thomas throws in other details on a smaller scale, for example, the use of dead soldier sprites in locations where mutants can potentially be found as a sign of their presence. The secrets found in the second level also have a neat twist to them and fits well with the prison theme. These kinds of things create stories of their own through subtle execution, adding another layer of depth to the environment the player is wandering around in.


Diverse mapset bursting with quality mapping, offering ten varied and detailed floors with engaging combat and surprises.

Download Mirrors

The Wolfenstein 3D Dome | Windows 98 version

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