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Circle of Strain

Through the simplistic gameplay, layout and fair guard usage, Circle of Strain can be a somewhat relaxing mission in ways with moments that may require a little more patience to get through unseen. Otherwise, an easy mission if the blackjack is your best friend.


King’s Story

As a whole, King’s Story is a beautiful looking mission that aims to be difficult in progression, relying on the player to figure everything out for themselves and using the clues you find and additional exploration.


Ominous Bequest Gold

The exploration, secrets and story are some of the major elements which make this mission a fun experience. The design has plenty of significant variety between the different sections of the map and as a whole looks good.


Rose Cottage

Excellent visuals, scene composition and lighting. Creepy gameplay that involves exploration and being scared. Brilliant little mission with plenty of tension.

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Shadow Politics

The dark and atmospheric city with its rich sense of design and detailed geometry offers a large amount of exploration from high and low. The interiors of the main goals provides challenging navigation to locate the main targets unseen. Visually impressive and enjoyable to boot.


The Black Frog

This campaign is made up of five quality missions which make up a progressive plot, with many twists and turns across various themes and locations. Gaëtane offers rich settings, design and atmosphere in each one, while also slightly changing the flow of gameplay as players progress for a hint of spice. There are many surprises to be had during the experience and it keeps getting better over time.


The Circle of Stone and Shadow II: Mission X

An excellent addition to the CoSaS campaign, offering an excellent experience all round. The mission is very challenging with plenty to do, but for the most part fun, and the design is simply stunning throughout.


The Five Tigers: HBS Iron Butterfly

No doubt an enjoyable experience where the exploration and depth can be immersive. Set in a large scale environment, yet the design is mostly bare and mininal and there is very little risk in getting caught by guard patrols.


The Hand of Glory

Solid mission, looks and plays like an enjoyable classic Thief experience.

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The Last Lighthouse Keeper

Involves you playing detective, where a lot of exploration and backtracking between areas is required to find the necessary objects to progress onwards and pieces of evidence to conclude the mystery of McHarty’s murder.


The Night Watch

Four mission campaign which involves a lot of exploration and putting together clues to progress further into the story, and many small details which adds a rich element to the overall gameplay.


Torn Apart

While the visuals are on the simple side, the mission does well at focusing on the horror themes and gearing the gameplay towards this. There are various nice ideas and a little tension built up because of them, but could have benefited more with better use of ambient tracks and interesting lighting.


Upside Down

By parodying on the idea of reversing the player’s role, you’ll be in for a humorous ride while doing something different for a change in the mean time, trying to save as much loot as possible and dealing with the thieving intruders than get in your way. Very creative mission with plenty of replay value.