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Clear the Coast

Very enjoyable, action packed level, although on the easy side, with pleasing visuals and great design throughout.


Duke Is Ten Episode

Great episode made to celebrate Duke3D’s 10th birthday with some good quality maps with challenging gameplay. A must for any Duke fan.


DukePlus Community Build Project

The focus on the Skycar may be hit or miss, but the gameplay is mostly moderate, with a fair mix of action both on foot and in the Skycar. Design is excellent, remains consistent and has some innovative foliage spritework.


Red 3

One of the good maps in the time it was released. Scary level, with some really nice extras.


Red 4: Boat Trippin

A good map as always from Merlijn with a nice fun gameplay with some scripted sequences here and there, this one is a must for that Duke3D collection.


Red 5: Lonely Mountain Complex

This is a great map, you do not want to miss out on it, great texturing although sometimes too colourful, good spritework, a good solid, mission like gameplay with some great innovations.

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Roch Island

Great design with balanced and action packed gameplay.


Shaky Grounds pt1: Apocollapse

Author: Merlijn van Oostrum | Released: September 9th 2016

APOCOLLASPE is the first within a series of levels taking full advantage of its thematic choice, from its stunning opening sequence and georgous representation of city destruction, down to the very layout having players navigate its winding streets and buildings through unnatural means while avoiding the ever present dangers lurking ahead. Merlijn offers a fantastic twist to the rather typical city theme, soaked with an ambience of despair and includes an excellent original music track that feels at home.