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Army of Darkness Doom

Author: Various | Released: July 9th 1996

AODD is a classic and enjoyable conversion that is very combat orientated, but does suffer from some pacing issues that may cause the experience to become a tiresome affair. Few maps stand out while others feel sluggish to get through, but the WAD does a good job at basing itself off from the third Evil Dead flick.


Crimson Canyon

Author: J S Graham | Released: March 21st 2005

An action packed journey which offers enough variety per level to remain interesting, from tight environments to sprawling terrain with hordes of hungry demons and plenty of supplies. Visuals are solid all round which tend to experiment with different styles of the same themes and texture choices.


Going Down

Author: mouldy | Released: November 2nd 2014

GOING DOWN is an excellent megawad and has become an all time favourite release. Themes, visuals and gameplay elements are diverse across all 32 maps and comes with a distinctive soundtrack. High enemy counts wasn’t the only driving factor that made combat difficult, but mouldy’s own understanding how to pressure players and manipulate them into unwanted situations, which comes across as a signature style in my eyes.

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Author: Paul DeBruyne | Released: August 11th 2011

DeBruyne pieces together a consistently designed set of maps and approaches the moon and space theme fairly well. The focus on large hordes and a variety of indoor and outdoor combat offers a decent level of challenge and attempts to keep each map fresh to play.


Scuba Steve’s: Action DooM

Author: Stephen "Scuba Steve" Browning | Released: July 3rd 2004

An entertaining wad with great design and fantastic, yet tricky and challenging gameplay – Very action packed.



Author: Agent Spork | Released: ~2005

One of the best Zdoom wads, can get tiresome but has great design and gameplay.