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Alien Planet X64-2

Author: Maarten v. Oostrum | Released: May 1st 2003

Divided into two very distinctive parts, starting off with a frantic escape sequence through an eerie cave network before heading into a combat heavy scenario against the planet’s security force. A straight forward adventure with varied encounters, X64-2 should keep players on their toes when exploring this hostile alien environment.


Another Big Base Attacked

A top-notch map worth playing. Will keep you entertained throughout the map with a little bit too less of ammo but you can still survive.


Clear the Coast

Very enjoyable, action packed level, although on the easy side, with pleasing visuals and great design throughout.


Duke Is Ten Episode

Great episode made to celebrate Duke3D’s 10th birthday with some good quality maps with challenging gameplay. A must for any Duke fan.


DukePlus Community Build Project

The focus on the Skycar may be hit or miss, but the gameplay is mostly moderate, with a fair mix of action both on foot and in the Skycar. Design is excellent, remains consistent and has some innovative foliage spritework.

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Roch Island

Great design with balanced and action packed gameplay.


The Unknown Planet

Author: Maarten v. Oostrum | Released: January 1st 2016

Another alien planet themed level from Maarten opting for different gameplay compared to X64-2 aiming for raw action, high enemy counts and excessive firepower. TUP shouldn’t cause many problems for experienced players. Strong visuals piece together an island setting quite well without ignoring those stranger aesthetics that help establish foreign environments.