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A Fistful of Doom

Author: Aware and Soutec | Released: July 23rd 1995

FISTFUL is considered a classic, offering a tough and relentless journey where survival won’t be an easy ride. Its biggest fault however is for being far too short! A real shame really, since I enjoyed its visual style and would have loved to explore other levels using the western theme.


Army of Darkness Doom

Author: Various | Released: July 9th 1996

AODD is a classic and enjoyable conversion that is very combat orientated, but does suffer from some pacing issues that may cause the experience to become a tiresome affair. Few maps stand out while others feel sluggish to get through, but the WAD does a good job at basing itself off from the third Evil Dead flick.


Crossing Acheron

Author: John "Dr. Sleep" Anderson | Released: June 10th 1994

The action as a whole has its intense moments ranging from certain combat scenarios or an ambush trap catching me off guard. The potentially high threats helps to create a thrilling experience, sprinkled off with a moody design.


Doom Raider: Crypt of the Vile

Author: Russell Pearson | Released: June 23rd 2003

A really well made map with some good ideas throughout.


Doomsday of UAC

Author: Leo Martin Lim | Released: June 23rd 1994

Although an interesting piece from the early mapping scene, UAC_DEAD today is an easy romp with average level design, despite some of the innovative visual touches thrown in there for its time.



Author: Pavel Hodek | Released: July 28th 1994

Galaxia is a strong classic from ’94 and has become an instant favourite of mine. The setting is immersive, atmospheric and combat is both tense and fun. If you haven’t already done so, give this wad a spin one day.


Polygon Base

Author: Rick Lipsey | Released: January 24th 1996

The interconnectivity and non-linear nature toward gameplay in POLYGON allows players to progress at their own pace and choose which places to tackle first. Ultra Violence offers the most enemy variation and can be tough as nails with the large number of hitscan based foes and limited health supplies.


Run Buddy

Author: Michael Krause | Released: April 30th 1998

Simplistic in design and largely scaled by nature, RUNBUDDY won’t be a challenging experience on HMP due to the open arena, so it would be advised to jump straight in UV for those who seek one. The wad is otherwise an enjoyable romp that throws a lot of spice to keep combat varied.


Sin City

Author: Ed Cripps | Released: July 19th 2001

A good ZDoom map with average fights, plenty of ammo but a bit lacking on health and a great design to go with the map too.



Author: Matt "Cyb" Watson | Released: September 15th 2003

Can’t say I enjoyed the experience much myself with the annoying jumping segments, but I thought the bizarre setting and visuals were done well. VOID does offer some good ideas as mentioned in the review, so check this one out if you happen to like weird and surreal themes.