Year: 2012

Asylum of the Wretched

Author: Ian Myers Released: November 20th 2000

Into the Maelstrom

Author: Maria ‘Morrgan’ Ström & Alun ‘Vigil’ Bestor Released: February 29th 2004

Torn Apart

Author: Drysils Chosen Released: June 3rd 2007

Pathways Redux

Author: Brendon Chung Released: November 2nd 2006


Author: Streetboat Released: February 16th 2012

Batman vs Bane

Author: Team Raycast Released: June 30th 2012

Mission Improbable

Author: Magnar Jenssen & Rick Underhill Released: July 29th 2012

Cataclysmic Revelations

Author: DarthsLair Released: November 17th 2011

The Saint of Redmound

Author: Maria 'Morrgan' Ström Released: April 16th 2001