November 14th, 2014 Doom 2: Hell on Earth

Monster Hunter Ltd. Part 1

Author: Didy Released: March 30th 2014


The world is full of monsters and you are working for the company who exterminates their kind, Monster Hunter Ltd. Your current assignment is to bring back a stolen, valuable painting. Following its trace leads to an industrial complex where you begin the search.

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November 6th, 2014 Duke Nukem 3D

Post Logic

Author: Bryant Arnett Released: January 16th 1997


An army of aliens have overtaken a Hollywood post-production facility. They’re converting the audio and video studios to fit their own purposes, to spew an endless stream of nonsense into human homes via their television sets. As the last surviving employee, get the hell out of there!

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November 4th, 2014 Duke Nukem 3D

Insurance Overload

Author: Alias Conrad Coldwood Released: September 5th 2014


Looks like the Earth Defense Force Headquarters have been overwhelmed and their base now taken over by the alien menace. Well, nothing too surprising really. Now Duke is on the scene ready to kick everyone’s arse. Let’s just hope the EDF have their insurance covered!

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November 1st, 2014 The Dark Mod

William Steele 3: Cleighmoor

Author: grayman Released: March 2nd 2014


After rummaging through the City Watch building to find clues on his parents murderer, Steele learns that all the evidence has been moved to Cleighmoor Gaol, an infamous prison amongst crooks for its tight security. Attempting to sneak in will be a huge risk, but the truth is hidden somewhere within and is the only lead in solving this mystery.

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July 27th, 2014 Blog

It has been quiet around here. For too long in fact and I feel obligated to throw a word out there. No, I haven’t lost the drive for writing reviews or playing custom content if that may be a concern to some readers. My priorities and time are simply focused on getting lost with drawing and improving upon that. Drawing after all is an incredibly important aspect in my life and I enjoy it immensely. One day I will resume updating the site with new reviews, but when that times comes is not yet decided.

Another reason is that I haven’t been playing much on the custom content side of things, opting instead to play through neglected Steam and GOG games. At the time of writing I’m currently playing through; The Witcher 2, Dark Souls 2, Enclave and occasionally The Elder Scrolls: Arena. Having a blast with the first two titles, while Enclave can annoy me with its hit detection being wonky at times, but good game so far despite that. As for Arena, lost progress when my last HDD died on me some time back and have been attempting another run. This time with some focus on magic as a spellsword class. The game can become repetitive so I take it in small strides.

May 10th, 2014 The Dark Mod

William Steele 2: Home Again

Author: grayman Released: February 13th 2014


After his business up north and upon returning home to Bridgeport, Steele learns about a recent string of murders across town and two of these deaths being his own parents. Now faced with questions and City Watch not providing any sufficient answers, he sets out alone to piece together this puzzle himself and find the perpetrator.

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April 27th, 2014 ArmA 2 & Operation Arrowhead

The Black Lands

Author: Undeceived Released: November 3rd 2012


After the Russian Army took control over Chernarus, Tomas Cerny and best friend Dimitri form together a resistance. Their group is able to cause harm at first, but little by little everything began crumbling around them until Tomas loses everything he cares for. In his darkest hour he is contacted by an agent from U.S. Intelligence to help begin the fight anew.

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February 27th, 2014 ArmA 2 & Operation Arrowhead

For The Life Of A Friend

Author: Undeceived Released: March 4th 2011


Taking one step away from the usual military themes of ARMA for a moment comes a mission following the simple life of a civilian named Piotr and a story about friendship, murder and revenge. “We went out to have some fun teasing Jegorow, the new castle caretaker. But then everything turned out differently…

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December 7th, 2013 Doom & Ultimate Doom

The Refinery

Author: Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer Released: August 31st 2012


TREFINRY was first intended to be apart of a community project named, The Shores of ZDoom, but instead Tormentor decided to release his addition as a standalone map for certain reasons, giving us a remake of the original E2M3 found in Ultimate Doom.

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December 5th, 2013 Blog

Reviews? Where have they gone?

I’ve been occupied with projects that are unrelated to this site and have therefore been spending most of my free time with those. Updates are going to be slower than usual as a result of this. I would usually take a month break during December, but instead may throw up another review or two before the new year arrives, we’ll see.

Quaddicted’s Quake Advent Calender

Spirit over at Quaddicted is currently running an advent calender during the countdown to Christmas. Various contributors will share something related to Quake, whether this might be a fond memory, history or perhaps some exclusive screenshots for their project. Who knows? I’d also like to point out that I will have something to present on my assigned date, the 20th, so be sure to check the calender often.