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Author: Didy | Released: December 15th 2014

Four levels explore environments Inspired by Bauhaus fine art and architecture, layouts designed with fun in mind which in turn dictates how enemy positioning is handled. MAP04 quickly became my favourite for its non-linear gameplay alone.


Going Down

Author: mouldy | Released: November 2nd 2014

GOING DOWN is an excellent megawad and has become an all time favourite release. Themes, visuals and gameplay elements are diverse across all 32 maps and comes with a distinctive soundtrack. High enemy counts wasn’t the only driving factor that made combat difficult, but mouldy’s own understanding how to pressure players and manipulate them into unwanted situations, which comes across as a signature style in my eyes.


Temple of Chaos 2: Warped Reality

Author: Agent Spork | Released: April 16th 2005

A great ZDoom map, with lots of action which is challenging.

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Author: Paul Schneider | Released: March 14th 2010

The focus on gameplay is based around exploration and tough battles, which may become tiresome after a while due to its length, but the variety of themes and styles help to keep things fresh. Unloved was a interesting experience and offered something a little different while keeping in mind what Doom is about.



Author: Matt "Cyb" Watson | Released: September 15th 2003

Can’t say I enjoyed the experience much myself with the annoying jumping segments, but I thought the bizarre setting and visuals were done well. VOID does offer some good ideas as mentioned in the review, so check this one out if you happen to like weird and surreal themes.


White Light

Author: James "Phobus" Cresswell | Released: April 2nd 2006

Short level as a whole, simple concepts and interesting visuals, but the tiresome enemies with high hit points squeezes out the fun.