Browsing Doom Themes – Episode Four Inspired


Crossing Acheron

Author: John "Dr. Sleep" Anderson | Released: June 10th 1994

The action as a whole has its intense moments ranging from certain combat scenarios or an ambush trap catching me off guard. The potentially high threats helps to create a thrilling experience, sprinkled off with a moody design.


Dante’s Gate

Author: John "Dr. Sleep" Anderson | Released: May 17th 1994

Can be a difficult level with limited health supplies, so long as players are perceptive of potential threats and careful not to lose too many hit points. This created an enjoyable challenge and forces different tactics and exploration to gaining the upper hand over enemies.


The Outer Darkness

Author: Varun Abhirama Krishna | Released: August 1st 2007

ODARK does a great job capturing that Episode Four atmosphere, only enhanced through a well presented visual design and moody lighting. The action is constant against a variation of enemy types, while progression is straightforward and feels quite linear with very little backtracking.


Wart 01

Author: Brad Carney | Released: May 21th 2003

A very good, short map to play with great design. Recommended, since the map is interesting to see the features of Skulltag if you’re not too familiar with them yourself.


Wart 02

Author: Brad Carney | Released: September 27th 2003

A challenging map with great design, much harder than the prequel.


Wart 03

Author: Brad Carney | Released: February 29th 2004

Another great map by Brad, which is very challenging with some great design.


What Lies Beneath The Titan-426

Author: Dutch Devil | Released: January 15th 2005

Another great Dutch Devil title you should check out. Very good design and challenging gameplay.