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Developer: Broken Glass Studios
Released: 2009
Has now been released as a standalone game that no longer requires Doom 3. You can find more information and downloads over at their official site, here:


Flakebridge Monastery

Manages to provide a tense and creepy atmosphere through moody lighting in a detailed environment, but falls on repetitive design. Sneaking does lack a bit of challenge but offers some good exploration.


Heart of Lone Salvation

The mission is immersive with a lot to do and plenty of secrets to look out for, but the visuals are rather mixed from good looking areas to average texturing.


In Remembrance of Him

While not your typical mission where stealth is a priority, Remembrance is a straight forward adventure with the occasionally obstacle to tackle and some side areas to explore. Design is the strongest point, with enough detail and structural shape to feel like a real village.


Pandora’s Box

Although the tight interior of the ship may seem daunting to some players, the approach here has been done well enough to ensure it’s a fair challenge with good patrolling behaviour, along with rewards for exploring the ship.

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Patently Dangerous

It’s an enjoyable mission with a neat story, plenty of areas to explore and has a fairly good design. Gameplay can be a little too easy however and the design could do with some polishing.


Return to the City

Takes focus on the vertical aspect of exploring the city which remains the most enjoyable part of the mission, with some great looking design and lighting throughout. The update provided a huge boost in performance and offers new areas to check out along with other various fixes and changes.


Somewhere Above the City

Despite one half being set within the mines, the mission does well at maintaining some vertical gameplay but lacks any challenge in the stealth department. Visuals are nice with distinctive colourful mushrooms in the mines and the upper areas of the clock tower.


The Beleaguered Fence

The mission is fairly short with a good balance between light and shadow, while allowing for some tight gameplay.


William Steele 1: In the North

The interconnected layout and large choice of routes presents a non-linear mission, but the difficulty as a result is mostly low key. Strengths focus on exploration, background depth from readables defining characters and strong visuals.

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William Steele 2: Home Again

Author: grayman | Released: February 13th 2014

Opts for a straightforward path through the city while diverting occasionally for interior and side path exploration, but feels much like its prequel once inside our target destination. An enjoyable run, with nice world building and a decent amount of high ground parkour.


William Steele 3: Cleighmoor

Author: grayman | Released: March 2nd 2014

This third entry offers a difficult challenge during its early moments before easing out once access to the prison is gained. Otherwise the mission from then on remains a solid, enjoyable experience with very little else going for it besides a bizarre side objective. Beyond that it feels like an appetiser for the next chapter in Steele’s journey.