Pandora’s Box

Author: Jesps
Released: July 10th 2010
Download: Here

You have been assigned the task to steal the Pandora’s Box and replace it with a fake copy. For this to be done, you have been smuggled onboard of a ship where this item can be located. But this is no ordinary ship.

Looking back at an earlier released mission from Jesps after playing through Flakebridge Monastery, we have this one, focusing on a theme which is not often approached, literally taking the player to the skies and setting the scene onboard of an airship. This is currently en route to deliver cargo, including the Pandora’s Box, the item in question which must not only be found and stolen, but swapped with a fake on hand. There are not many problems involved in lower difficulty modes, but there was some fine print involved on your contract when playing on Expert, where you must not be seen or harm anyone, resulting in a mission failure. It does make a bit of sense, otherwise you’d be thrown overboard. But then again, if a thief can go head first into the ship’s propellers and live to tell the tale, I’m sure you’d be fine.

While the theme does present a unique mission layout, the gameplay is affected by the tight nature of the ship’s interior while also avoiding any contact with the guards, so finding good hiding spots is critical to success. This does bring about a challenge to navigating the area effectively, patiently waiting for the right moment to move and sticking close to shadows and niches, where guards seem to avoid the latter. However the thing that works well here, is that avoiding patrols isn’t exactly too much of a hassle and fair game, as their routes are small with long pauses. This makes the ghosting part of Expert fun to attempt. Exploration is rewarded with loot where a decent amount of locations can be visited, such as the engine room with coal storage below, and even the upper rafters of the ship. As for design, it generally looks good and feels like an airship both indoors and out, but the lighting tends to bring the piece together, placed in spots adding that extra hint of detail and depth to a room.

Although the tight interior of the ship may seem daunting to some players, the approach here has been done well enough to ensure it’s a fair challenge with good patrolling behaviour, along with rewards for exploring the ship.

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