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Developer: Raven Software
Released: 1994


Burial Ground

The map is large and open, but keeps a straight forward gameplay. Nothing particullary difficult, remains fun and includes some solid, detailed design.


Heretic – Dark Deity’s Bastion

Bastion remains a strong level throughout from its design and gameplay, offering solid aspects in both areas. This comes from its bold architecture, detailed lighting and enjoyable combat. The puzzle based trials toward the end provide a breath of fresh air to avoid things getting stale and work well to give a distinctive edge to the map.



Lutz presents a gorgeous level focused around grand set pieces and well paced enemy encounters. Despite the linear progression ICEBOUND still offers several memorable scenarios differing between each area, some trickier to accomplish than others. There is plenty of variety to be had with gripping combat and pretty visuals all round. Time well spent!

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The Curse of D’sparil

The Curse of D’sparil is a pleasant and challenging journey through a variety of maps, each focusing on their own theme while offering great architecture, texturing and fun, horde based battles.


Thief: The Trail of the Arch-Heretic

It’s a neat blend of Thief and Heretic, with some moderate, yet sometimes hectic gameplay with a pretty decent design throughout.