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You take the role of one out of four classes to embark on a journey to find the mysterious Alien Vault on the harsh planet of Pandora. With up to 4-player co-op support, travel across the land completing various quests, looting all kinds of weapons and gear, while fighting against the inhabitants to survive. How did I feel about this game as a whole? Find out after the jump.


Devil May Cry

Fast and action packed, balanced and challenging battles with an atmospheric and detailed enviroment and large variety in gameplay.


Resident Evil 4

Great game, lots of action in a detailed enviroment with lots of twists throughout. However, not as a Resident Evil title, since it could have been a brand new game altogether. And the fact I prefer the classic Resident Evil style, but still a fantastic game.

Shadow of the Colossus

Epic battles with huge foes that can only be defeated with some thought. Original and interesting throughout all set in a beautifully crafted land.

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Definitely a game that requires enough patience, quick reflexes and perseverance to get through and provides a good level of challenges and bonuses. The stylish pixalated and minimalistic level design is easy on the eyes and the chiptune soundtrack is good on the ears while keeping the fun factor high. I enjoyed the game immensely and honestly look forward to seeing what else Terry Cavanagh has in store.