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Cataclysmic Revelations

Despite the negative aspects of the gameplay lacking an incentive to explore as covered in the review, the main narrative was interesting to follow and there were several neat twists and ideas to spice up certain areas of the mission.


The Hammerite Imperium Mission 1: The Seven Shades of Mercury

The first mission in the Hammerite Imperium series includes some early tense areas and an enjoyable experience all round, excellent design throughout with some pretty grand and rich looking locations. I recommend playing on the highest difficulty which asks you to retrieve every teams’ icons, to get the most out of this mission.


The Hand of Glory

Solid mission, looks and plays like an enjoyable classic Thief experience.

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The Last Lighthouse Keeper

Involves you playing detective, where a lot of exploration and backtracking between areas is required to find the necessary objects to progress onwards and pieces of evidence to conclude the mystery of McHarty’s murder.


The Saint of Redmound

While another simple mission focused on stealing an object, the level of challenge navigating the monastery and occasional twists in the gameplay keeps things interesting.


Third Time’s the Charm

Four objects that need to be required and can be done in any order allowing some unlinear gameplay, through a lit up monastery with cleverly placed lights to allow some nice hiding spots. The design looks good as a whole with a good blend of browns and warm lighting.