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Blown Fuses

An action packed, enjoyable level with a great difficulty pacing and and overall impressive, realistic looking level all round.

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Duke Nukem Forever 2013

Author: Luciano "Gambini" Gallo & Mikko Sandt | Released: April 29th 2013

Does an excellent job concerning the design aspects, presenting impressive visuals through detailed levels, sprawling vistas and grand structures such as the Las Vegas cityscape and Hoover Dam, but does require much needed polishing to remove the blemishes across each map. Gameplay on the other hand has its high and low points with weak combat and some odd pacing. The focus on linear progression may also turn off some players. Still an enjoyable mod worth checking out for some eye candy.


DukePlus Community Build Project

The focus on the Skycar may be hit or miss, but the gameplay is mostly moderate, with a fair mix of action both on foot and in the Skycar. Design is excellent, remains consistent and has some innovative foliage spritework.


It Lives

The level design is brilliant by putting new spins on spritework and texturing to piece together a hospital location in a realistic mapping style, filled with new effects and interesting gameplay variation set within a horror theme ensures plenty of enjoyment to be had here.


Rush Back v2.01

All round a solid map to play that offers some brilliant design and spritework, though a little lacking on the health side of things and a tight squeeze in some areas.