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Doom3world Speed Mapping Contest

Author: Various | Released: October 26th 2011

Aeon is a simple arena fight which could have benefited from better pacing and not have concluded so abruptly. Back in Time approaches a neat time travelling concept but combat is weak and easy. Investigation provides engaging and well paced combat, while Rising Lava creates a good concept that remains a constant threat, enemy usage creates tension and has fantastic design.

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Salvational Temple

Author: NX-317 | Released: August 2nd 2011

No doubt a good addition to the Z-Hunter campaign for the finale, offering strong mapping work, challenging combat and diverse ideas which sets it apart from the others.


Surprisingly Focused

While I do cover several negative aspects, the faults mostly lie in the combat being too dry with little variation and a bit unfair. The map is still worth giving a spin and offers a good balance of different elements and good design.