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Author: Ed Cripps | Released: October 25th 2012

Pacing in terms of button hunting does present a weaker side to this wad, but overall the combat is well presented and very action orientated. Visual design is strong, taking advantage of the port engine features to provide more depth and eye candy for the experience.


Sin City

Author: Ed Cripps | Released: July 19th 2001

A good ZDoom map with average fights, plenty of ammo but a bit lacking on health and a great design to go with the map too.


Sin City 2: The Satan Complex

Author: Ed Cripps | Released: January 20th 2003

A good map, but the first in the series was better.



Author: Ed Cripps | Released: November 14th 2010

While the gameplay can be a little on the easy side, Cripps shows a lot of attention to the design offering a very detailed and good looking environment to romp through.