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5 Years

Author: Shadowman | Released: April 21st 2010

Three short levels which are light on the action and offer some detailed environments to roam through. While the third level isn’t as strong as the earlier two, the minisode plays well with gameplay centred around a low number of enemies and limited supplies.


A Fistful of Doom

Author: Aware and Soutec | Released: July 23rd 1995

FISTFUL is considered a classic, offering a tough and relentless journey where survival won’t be an easy ride. Its biggest fault however is for being far too short! A real shame really, since I enjoyed its visual style and would have loved to explore other levels using the western theme.



Author: Didy | Released: December 15th 2014

Four levels explore environments Inspired by Bauhaus fine art and architecture, layouts designed with fun in mind which in turn dictates how enemy positioning is handled. MAP04 quickly became my favourite for its non-linear gameplay alone.


Monster Hunter Ltd. Part 2

Author: Didy | Released: March 27th 2014

MOHU2 is a good continuation with a new theme, retaining great visuals and presenting tighter combat encounters. While it does lack some strengths its prequel offers for ambience and dynamic layouts, this wad is still an engaging sequel.


SJS1: Streets Of Fear

Author: Simon "SlayeR" Judd | Released: June 15th 2006

Very good design with a challenging gameplay.