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Developer: Looking Glass Studios
Released: 1998


Circle of Strain

Through the simplistic gameplay, layout and fair guard usage, Circle of Strain can be a somewhat relaxing mission in ways with moments that may require a little more patience to get through unseen. Otherwise, an easy mission if the blackjack is your best friend.


Circle of Strain 2

Author: Markus "Mokkis" Lappalainen | Released: October 19th 1999

COS2 focuses on assassination as a core objective for this short and simple mission, but otherwise offers some thieving aspects inside a refreshing type of estate and can be enjoyable to play, but isn’t quite as strong as its previous mission.


Circle of Strain 3

Released: Markus “Mokkis” Lappalainen

While the city segment loses it potential for providing little else than window dressing, COS3 is still a solid, easy going mission but again lacks some needed polish in many places. The mansion appears to be its core location and offers some nice moments to ensure an enjoyable experience.

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Shunned: Fistral’s Story

Shunned is simply an above average mission which plays well enough for a short romp, using the undead theme in a tight environment to increase the challenge of stealth.


The Death of Garrett

Author: Chris Patterson | Released: October 5th 1999

DOG is both a simple and easy mission to get through despite its unusual beginning and manages to approach its goals quite effectively, with only a few segments that will provide a sense of challenge for those who choose to avoid using the trusty blackjack.


The Hand of Glory

Solid mission, looks and plays like an enjoyable classic Thief experience.


The Saint of Redmound

While another simple mission focused on stealing an object, the level of challenge navigating the monastery and occasional twists in the gameplay keeps things interesting.