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Developer: id Software
Released: 1993


Army of Darkness Doom

Author: Various | Released: July 9th 1996

AODD is a classic and enjoyable conversion that is very combat orientated, but does suffer from some pacing issues that may cause the experience to become a tiresome affair. Few maps stand out while others feel sluggish to get through, but the WAD does a good job at basing itself off from the third Evil Dead flick.


Doomsday of UAC

Author: Leo Martin Lim | Released: June 23rd 1994

Although an interesting piece from the early mapping scene, UAC_DEAD today is an easy romp with average level design, despite some of the innovative visual touches thrown in there for its time.



Author: Pavel Hodek | Released: July 28th 1994

Galaxia is a strong classic from ’94 and has become an instant favourite of mine. The setting is immersive, atmospheric and combat is both tense and fun. If you haven’t already done so, give this wad a spin one day.


The Outer Darkness

Author: Varun Abhirama Krishna | Released: August 1st 2007

ODARK does a great job capturing that Episode Four atmosphere, only enhanced through a well presented visual design and moody lighting. The action is constant against a variation of enemy types, while progression is straightforward and feels quite linear with very little backtracking.


The Refinery

Author: Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer | Released: August 31st 2012

TREFINRY offers a well presented remake of E2M3, expanding on the original map in many ways with larger, more detailed environments. Gameplay is limited on supplies and focuses on players managing their resources carefully which might not suit everyone’s tastes. Couldn’t engage entirely in the combat and instead found that many choices for new enemies tend to detract from the overall experience.