Release: Zerbrechliche Klauen for Wolf3D

Fragile Claws. Three maps I created in five months on and off for Wolf3D after having been inspired by Thomas Weiling’s 10 New Ones. I actually released this project on February 27th 2013 but honestly forgot to make a mention of it here. The levels will have BJ infiltrate a hidden Nazi outpost, with an underground prison and cave system, which will eventually lead him to a small palace which is currently holding an important meeting. Installation instructions included in the text file.

Download: Here


  1. April 16, 2013

    First level has nice stylish design: white brick walls + wooden walls + columns, and some views to outside scenery. Challenging enemy placement. Nice use of walking guards. Easy to navigate layout. Good to see that the outpost is made to be as realistic as possible – with barracks, halls, canteen, kitchen…

    Second level offers more variety as we get through different rooms built into caves. Growth is also present.

    The layout is quite straightforward, but feels mazy and disorienting due to shapeless cavern walls. The problem here is after finding the gold key, I couldn’t find the way to advance. There is one turn near the gold key, but it’s blocked with an invisible wall:

  2. quakis
    April 16, 2013

    Thanks for playing and the feedback! The first level is definitely my favourite, the most inspired one. The second I had trouble with and decided to go for a claustrophobic and hostile cavern area in the end. The third level I experiment more with patrols and a non-linear layout.

    That ‘invisible wall’ should have been the Gold Door – the odd thing is that I tested the project entirely before releasing the exact version that worked well. Upon checking now, it turns out I’m also getting the same issue! Very strange…

    I managed to solve the issue in the editor. Turns out I made the mistake with adding a ‘deaf guard’ floor code too close to the door.

    I have updated the release zip, thanks for pointing this out.

    Since the elevator is right around that corner, you can feel free to use cheats if you wish to skip to the next level if you don’t want to replay the 2nd level again.

  3. April 16, 2013

    Thank you very much for quickly fixing it! Now this release become what it should have been – a short and great trip to the past, into flat world of Wolfenstein 3D.

    Third level gives a feel of well guarded palace – there are a lot of enemies, and they can start hunting you throughout the whole area, and you will then expect an attack any time, from any direction. The style seems to be based on ideas from first level, but with luxury looking textures this time. Using door texture on a wall is a nice way to quickly and easily show something original. I think it lacks for a big guard with big guns, and the following “YOU WIN” screen.

    Each level contains freezer with food, which is a very nice touch, it makes them really feel like parts of the same unique area.

    The levels are high-quality and various. When playing, I didn’t want to quickly go to elevator. Instead, I wanted to explore everything first, and got 100% completion of first and third levels. This is a very good sign, which speaks highly about this project.

    Overall, I recommend anyone who has the game to download and play Zerbrechliche Klauen. Even if you’re not a big fan of Wolfenstein 3D: in this case, the mappack will end before you get bored.

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