Stylus 1

Author: Stylus
Released: May 12th 2011
Download: Here

Take that portal gun, do some leg excercises and get ready to solve four new test chambers which focus on the element of flinging.


The majority of test chambers here focus a lot on the element of flinging in order to reach specific parts of a room, while remaining simple enough to achieve these movements. There are in total, four small segments, each one providing a puzzle of its own using different kinds of elements and hazards, so a level of variety is ensured here. The chamber with both the orange and blue gels comes across as my favourite, simply because the solution doesn’t feel completely obvious due to how much of a risk the solution looks, which in turn might make you question the decision. I’m not quite what the purpose of the button and doorway to the tractor beam in the final chamber though, which looks like it could have gotten away with them not being there. The design is simplistic and might come across as a bit plain, but the clean style using a black tile texture scheme can be appealing for its darker touch on the usual style.

While focusing on the element of flinging through portals, the execution is simple to keep the pace and provides four enjoyable chambers to get through.

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