Zen Monastery

You take the role of a monk and the shrine you’re in is under attack. This one would have been a really dull experience if it wasn’t for the few new features included during play. The first weapon you own is basically your hand which acts quite like the primary gravity gun fire but you can also attack enemies and shoot far away objects. This gets upgraded a little later, giving you a secondary fire mode. Then other feature is pole-vaulting which can be used as a weapon as well. Some places in the maps can be too high for the player to get to, which makes the pole-vault quite fun. Then ofcourse the final boss, which is a dragon can be slightly enjoyable to fight against but the whole mod doesn’t come across as a satisfying experience and could have been better. The only enemies beside the boss you enecounter are Combine Soldiers throughout each map, is small, boring packs.

Very average level design throughout which is structurally simplistic except for the exterior entrance map, but could have been much better. Lighting is below average which lacks mood and looks really bad in some areas leaving a lot of dark, boring patches throughout. There was also some intense blue lighting in early stages which is not good for my eyes. Level transitions are also quite terrible, no sense of flow between maps and feel awkward when doing so. Finally the level design doesn’t come across as anything rememberable but it’s bearable to play through.

Quite a dull experience, except for the new features and boss fight, which is set in some average looking levels with bad transition between them.

Overall Rating: 65%

Type: Singleplayer
Author: Team Gasket
Download: Here